can we just bask in the glory of beatles sass

I love you

"I never moved an inch from where you left me."
Waiting In Vain

Made me laugh thousand of times
Yet, in tears every night
How come you come and go so fast?
Can’t even remember your touch

Yes, foolish enough;
Didn’t see it from the start
Just want a little push
It all could’ve been done

Yes, missing you so much
Yes, regretting everything said.
You drove away with shame
Me letting you felt nothing the same.

Thing’s could’ve been better with a single yes
Acting like you’re the best
Wishing to the stars you realize
How foolish you were for giving up so fast.


Clear waters in the lame of my soul,
Thirst your loving heart, makes me want to soar,
Wounds in our past will never last,
If we have faith in eternal love.


Its time ⌚️


Its time ⌚️

My thoughts were
Destroying me.
I tried not to think
But the silence
Was a killer too.